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Inspiration Nostalgias de Tango
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Fueron tres años Como dos extraños Naranjo en flor Nostalgias
In Europe
France Poland
Quais de Seine Comme Il Faut, Paris Comme Il Faut, Warsaw

Nostalgias de Tango draws its inspiration from a variety of sources.

The tango lyrics make up much of the character of Argentine tango. The show's plot is driven by lyrics of some of the best tango songs ever written. The song Nostalgias plays a particularly important role in the show — not only contributing to the title of the show, but summarizing the entire story of Nostalgias de Tango, which acts as a kind of exploration of possible events that may lead up to the scenery and situation described by the song.

The choice of countries in which the events unfold is a bow to the history of tango in Europe. France and Poland played spectacular roles in the history of tango, on more than one occasion, and with the impact that affected not only Europe, but the entire world and Buenos Aires itself.

The locations in the show are real. They provide much of the inspiration for a fictional, but plausible and palpable development of events in Nostalgias de Tango.

Nostalgias de Tango features a number of allusions and bows-of-the-head to several cultural staples in the world of tango, such as famous tango movies. Those, however, are better discovered firsthand.